Stanozolol 50mg


MOLAR MASS: 328.49 g/mol


Men: 50–150mg every other day to every day range

Women: 3 times per week


1-3 DAYS




2 – 4 hours

(some reports as long as 39 hours)




Stanozolol Oil Based (oil Winstrol)

It is high-class injectable anabolic steroid. It is designed for the elite, with a price higher than normal (more stimulators of power and relief) in (Anabolic steroid .store) and similar places.

Not flavored, no side effects associated with estrogen does not hold water, does not cause Gynecomastia if it is moderate and friendly doses. Injector is 50-100 mg. once every two days or every day. Combined with 76 mg. Parabolan or Primobolan Depot every 2-3 days, many bodybuilders also added Masteron, Equipoise or testosterone propionate. Testosterone is associated with the addition of an anti-estrogen water retention and control of aromatization. Women often take 25 mg. 2-3 times per week or once weekly 50mg. injection. Use with Oxandrolone (Anavar) women achieve excellent quality muscle mass. Highly anabolic and androgenic moderate. Caused a significant increase in protein synthesis and improve nitrogen retention.

Stanozolol is an oily solution injectable anabolic steroid active substance Stanozolol in a vial with 50 mg/ml.  Stanozolol Oil Based. It is a product of the new generation designed for serious athletes and focused with clearly defined goals. It is necessary that the solution be warmed to body temperature before placing the injection. It is compatible with all formulations of oil-based and can be combined in Enda syringe. Suitable for all sportsmen who want to achieve visible results in a short time. Its advantage is that the injection is painless and during and after the injection, – in that differs from any water-soluble substances (anabolic steroids with an active composition stanozolol, injectable). Completely sterile oily medium is another advantage over the aqueous solution of the same composition.

Biochemical technology is of the highest class – new formula prolonged effect on protein metabolism that is sought and desired by all Strong men. Stanozolol increases the construction of protein in muscle and gentle body with respect to androgen action. In synthetic production of the injectable steroid excluded undesirable side effects!!

Dosage, Action and effect

Stanozolol oil based gives a high level of muscle growth, although anabolic regards the preparation is rather mild in comparison with other substantially – strong substances. It helps exclusively in pre-competition training athletes to gain maximum benefits from the steroid cycle. Structurally Stanozolol not aromatize and does not retain water. Widely used because it stimulates weight loss quickly and safely. In addition to fat burning, Stanozolol is particularly useful in the construction of endurance, muscle relief effective muscle mass and strength for a short time – in a cycle of 30 to 45 days. Administered in 50 mg. to 100mg. every other day or three times a week. The oil Winstrol of Pharm-tec. helps to increase the relief and muscle mass simultaneously, because innovation in the pharmaceutical company Pharm – tec. Oral and injection form of stanozolol is no different from anything. The oral form inferior to the injection on the pharmacokinetics, that is why in – serious bodybuilders prefer the injection.